Filebeat to Kibana Connection Issue

Hey all,

I have an Ubuntu VM running Elasticsearch and Kibana, and I'm trying to use Filebeat OSQuery module to pass OSQuery data to Elasticsearch. I enabled the OSQuery module on my client macOS system and am trying to run the initial setup:

./filebeat setup --modules=osquery

However, no matter what I try, I get the following:

Loaded index template
Exiting: Error importing Kibana dashboards: fail to create the Kibana loader: Error creating Kibana client: fail to get the Kibana version:HTTP GET request to /api/status fails: fail to execute the HTTP GET request: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused. Response: .

So it seems to connect to Elasticsearch just fine, but never Kibana. Firewall is turned of on both now for testing, just FYI.

I'm running the latest versions of everything.

Missing something?

Okay, I just figured out the issue here. I forgot I was using nginx on my ELK server and setup Kibana on port 80. I just needed to change the port and add auth details in the filebeat.yml file. All good.

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