Filebeat to Logstash (in Elastic Stack) over LAN

(Chadmando) #1

Hello, looking for some help pushing logs from Ubuntu 18 to an elastic static installation running on the same subnet.

Filebeat on Ubuntu is version 6.6.0 doesn't show publishing errors or other errors. When I run with the -e flag all seems good. .yml file has correct output setup, IP, port, etc. service is running.

Elastic Stack install is 6.4.1. Firewall is open for port 5044 and logstash can read local using its local filebeat.

I have tried capturing traffic from the source server but i can't seem to pickup any outbound traffic with a destination of the elastic stack on port 5044.

Is this a versioning issue? Is there something obvious that I am not seeing to get filebeat unstuck?

Any help is appreciated