Filebeat unable to send logs from windows 2008 R2 server

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i am using Elasticsearch, logstash and kibana version 5.2.0 and to monitor logs from remote servers, i have installed filebeat in respective servers (windows server 2012) and able to get logs from remote servers.

Since in non production servers, which we use windows OS 2008 R2. Hence i have installed filebeat in one of the 2008 windows 0S servers and we couldn't able to monitor logs.

please suggest.

(ruflin) #2

So the same setup works on Windows 2012 but not on Windows 2008? We officially don't support 2008 as we don't test on it, see

Still I would expect it to work. Could you share your config and log outputs on Windows 2008?

(Kumar) #3

Hi Ruflin,

Yes i accept as per support matrix, beats will not support in Windows 2008.

Also i can see in support matrix as for windows 2008 all the beats 5.x, Binary provided but not supported.

Hence i have installed filebeat, packetbeat, metricbeat and winlogbeat in windows 2008 server and i can see data is transferred from windows 2008 server except for filebeat.

I need to fetch logs from windows 2008 server with filbeat,
Please help what shall i do now.

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We need some data from you in order to help.

(Kumar) #5

Initially i was using filebeat version 1.3.1 in windows 2008 server which logs was not monitored,

Where as i uninstalled and installed filebeat version 5.2 and issue seems to be working fine now. I can able to send the logs from windows 2008 filebeat to windows 2012 server.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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