Filebeat - Update Index Template and create new index

I am new to Filebeat.

I used the standard configuration setup for filebeat and got it to ship data to Elasticsearch.
I have added some custom fields and they automatically got the "keyword" type.

I changed the type in the "filebeat" index template but I am not able to apply it to the Index created automatically during the filebeat setup.
What is the best way to update the index to reflect the changes in the template ?

Hi @Hardik_Sanghavi

you have to reindex the old index

Index templates are only applied during index creation. Changes to index templates do not affect existing indices. Settings and mappings specified in create index API requests override any settings or mappings specified in an index template.

Thanks for the response.
Is there a way to do it from Web Interface and not use the console ?

Hi @Hardik_Sanghavi

you can use Dev tool.

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