Filebeat with GCP module failed to start

I tried to configure filebeat GCP module to get audit logs from Google Cloud, and it failed to start.

Failed to start crawler: creating module reloader failed: error checking input configuration: no authentication credentials were configured or detected (credentials_file, credentials_json, and application default credentials (ADC)) accessing config

Here is mine gcp.yml

- module: gcp
    enabled: true
    var.project_id: my-id
    var.topic: export-topic
    var.subscription_name: export-topic-sub
    var.credentials_file: ${path.config}/my-id-8c1d1b7210a9.json

In the same time once i done config with filebeat.yml, in the input section, creds file working fine.

- type: gcp-pubsub
  project_id: my-id
  topic: export-topic export-topic-sub
  credentials_file: ${path.config}/my-id-8c1d1b7210a9.json

Anything i can do about it?

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