Filebeat.yml file configuration - Any major changes needed between FB 5.5 to FB 6.1?

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Hi Team,
When setting up filebeat in lower environment we used filebeat 5.5 version and now we are planning to move to filebeat 6.1.0.

My question is to understand if there is any major configuration change that we need to pay attention to?

In 5.5, we modified filebeat.yml on below parameters:

  • input_type: log

- /app/app.log

app_id: field_name


hosts: [hostname:port]

However, in 6.1.0, i see additional parameter options. SO wanted to understand if i maintain the same configs as i set for 5.5 will all work as expected? Never saw any issues in lower env when used 5.5.

Please advise

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input_type was renamed to input in 6.0.
AFAIK there is not any changes to the option you use in 6.0 or 6.1.

You can find changelogs here, so you can validate all your options:

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Thank you!

I used the same config settings as it was in 5.5 and its works just the same.

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