Filebeats with metricbeats data in standalone cluster

I am trying to move over to metricbeat monitoring running 7.10 eveywhere

I have Filebeat -> logstash -> elastic main cluster

filebeat node metricbeat -> monitoring cluster
logstash node metricbeat -> monitoring cluster

What decides which cluster the metricbeat data is associated with ?

I see my logstash data appearing associated with the main cluster which is what I want. However the filebeat metrics appear as a standalone cluster

xpack.monitoring.cluster_uuid in filebeat.yml
monitoring.cluster_uuid in metricbeat.yml

how do I tell either filebeats or the filebeat plugin in metricbeats that this should be labeled/tagged against the main cluster uuid


Found it! Just in case anyone else gets stuck

   enabled: false
   cluster_uuid: THE UUID

Thank you for posting your solution here!

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