Metricbeat creates a Standalone Cluster

Hi folks,

I have running 3 nodes elastic cluster and 2 nodes of logstash and I use metricbeat to monitor them and filebeat to collect logs. Everything is in 7.13.2 version

Currently I am experiencing following issue when I start metricbeat:

Metricbeat creates a Standalone Cluster just with the logstash nodes inside. For metricbeat I use Elasticsearch as output.

This is the relevant part of my metricbeat.yaml:

monitoring.enabled: false

# Sets the UUID of the Elasticsearch cluster under which monitoring data for this
# Metricbeat instance will appear in the Stack Monitoring UI. If output.elasticsearch
# is enabled, the UUID is derived from the Elasticsearch cluster referenced by output.elasticsearch.
monitoring.cluster_uuid: "sdfgvjnkwDJsjnd_jdj"

logstash.yml from modules.d:

- module: logstash
    - node
    - node_stats
  period: 10s
  hosts: [""]
  enabled: true
  xpack.enabled: true

Also I have set

xpack.monitoring.enabled: false

in the logstash.yml on my logstash nodes

Does anyone have Ideas how I can get rid of this second "Standalone Cluster" ?

After I have set:

monitoring.cluster_uuid: "sdfgvjnkwDJsjnd_jdj"

in logstash.yml on my logstash nodes the "Standalone Cluster" is gone from the Monitoring in Kibana.

Does anyone have any Idea why I need to set monitoring.cluster_uuid if I have disabled monitoring it all using xpack.monitoring.enabled: false

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