Filter by categories

My Index has a property named categoryId.My category Ids at the moment are [1,2,3] but there could be more categories like [1,2,3,4,5] in the future. Each record in my index can belongs to no categoryId , one categoryId or some categoryIds .
Currently I use a List<int> in my c# application as a list of categories for each record in my index.
This is a brief on how I index my records:

      //some codes here
      .Map<ItemElasticSearchViewModel>(m => m
                  .Properties(ps => ps               
                  .Keyword(k => k.Name(f => f.itemCategories).Norms(false))   
    //some codes here

And at the moment I filter my records by category like this, for example I need records which categoryId=2 , so:

       //some codes here  
   multiSearchResponse = await client.MultiSearchAsync(selector: ms => ms
                  .Search<ItemElasticSearchViewModel>("Fuzziness_0", s => s
                    .Query(q => q
                      .Bool(b => b
                        .Filter(f => f.Term(t => t.itemCategories, "2"))
                        .Must(mu => mu
                          .Match(m => m
                            .Field(f => f.itemSearch)
   //some codes here

Just focus on the Filter line. I need to know if there is a better way than what I have done, for filtering my searches by categoryId, cause at the moment I have about 200k records and I created a single record with categoryId=8 and query time has no difference with or without using Filter categoryId=8 . But in MySQL there is a significant difference in query time with or without categoryId filtering, cause when I use where categoryId=8 in MySQL, it passes all the records except the one and so fast !!

How do you Filter your record by category in elastic search when you have flexible categories and a record can have multiple categories??

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