Filter Dashboard from different json


I have a big problem when I filter one dashboard with differetns visualizations.

The data that I try to load in my index are so:

I have one patient that have some episodes, and any episode have diferent data that others episodes fromm the same patient.

The problem is that always I have some fields that neever change. This information is the basic patient information: Name, Birthdate, etc...

I have one JSON for each episode because Kibana don't support nested fields.

If i load the basic patient information in other json, when I filter with one field of episode, I don't see the patient information. If I load always the patient data in all json, I have duplicate data innecessary.

How I can resolve this situation?


I wish this was unnecessary, but since Elasticsearch doesn't support joins and Kibana doesn't support parent child or nested, it actually is necessary.

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