While creating new dashboard and search I get fields just from one index


  1. I have few indexes in Kibana ("index1", "index2", ...). I have created a new dashboard.
  2. Added some visualizations that I created with "index2".
  3. Now I use search for filter data but the only fields I get are from "index1" while the fields I want to search are from index 2.

How Can I change the dashboard to contain fields from index 2


Hi Yaniv

So you have visualizations based on 2 data views, one for index1, and another one for index2? if this is the case you should be able to select the filter's data view in the popover. is this the case?

Thx & Best

Hi Matthias,
No, I tried Add filter but from some reason the fields there are just from index1 and I would like to see the fields from index2.... In index2 I have field that called host.ip, however I see just 4 fields from index1.

which version of Kibana are you using?

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