Filter highest unique repeats between providers

Currently, I have a Kibana bar graph where data from multiple feeds are being observed. I have it set so that each data I have (e.x. 'apple' and 'orange') shows up only once, and adds an extra bar on top of the first for any other time it shows in another feed. So "apple" shows up twice because of being in both feeds "red food" and "fruits", where "orange" only shows up in "fruits".

The pictures I have uploaded shows the data options for my bar graph.
I would like to set up the data so that only the 'observable data' that shows up the most will be seen first ahead of other data seen fewer times.

The data gets large very quickly with 27 feeds and around a few hundred per feed, I am mostly interested in data that shows up the most times.

Can you explain the problem with an example? What does it mean "shows up the most" If you have, for example "Apple" show up a lot in multiple feeds do you only want to see Apple?

-- Asaf.