Only visualize fields of the the latest document

We have several servers that send config data to the elastic db. I would like to build a visualization with the current settings for each server. I have sections like "Operating System" or "database version" and each server appears in the section according to his actual settings. Currently I see a server twice if I have updated one of the setting.
Example. Server has WINDOWS 2012 and is updated to WINDOWS 2014. Then I see him in the "WINDOWS 2012 section" and in the "WINDOWS 2014 section". How can I manage to see the server only once in the section he currently belongs to? I'm using Kibana 4.1

If I understand your question correctly, you may be interested in this enhancement request:

If so, would you mind adding your use case to the ticket and +1 it?

Yes thank you, that's my question.
How can I +1 it?

Oh, just add a comment, saying "+1" and describing your use case :slight_smile:

Thank you

Ah, I meant in the Github issue itself... You may need to have a Github account and be logged in to do that :smile: