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Hi !
I want to know, if it's possible to make a dashboard/feature change notification functionality with Elastic Search

If someone do a modification on a specific Visualization, if there a way to know if an update has been made only , i create the .kibana index, to see what kind of data i can take to compare, i see version , but elasticsearch keep only the last update and then i cannot compare because no modification date !!!

Someone can help me on this ?

Sorry my kibana and ElasticSearch version is 5.5.6

If you can upgrade to 6.x you'll see that the objects in the .kibana index now store an updated_at date which might help you with this. I'm not sure there's a good solution for this in 5.x without implementing some sort of custom job that looks at the .kibana index and stores the result externally.

Thank you for the quick reply, will check to upgrade to 6.0 !!!

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