Viewing the most recent data

So I am capturing data in elastic. It happens to be status of our scheduled tasks. What I cannot work out is how to display that data on a kibana dashboard.

I have set up a search and can show the raw data, but that's of no real use.

  1. I need to be able to sort the data, preferable dynamically on the dashboard, but at worst in code somewhere.
  2. Need to only display the most recent set of captured data, with the ability to step back through the data as required. At worst just limit to the most recent captured value.

The idea going forwards will be to build an alarms if values are not as expected, but need to have visibility as well.

I have tried googling but nothing useful that I can find, so any links to useful pages would be very helpful.

I am very new to the Elastic stack so any guidance would need to be at a very low level.

Here's one way to do it

  1. Go to discover
  2. Select an index pattern containing your data, configure columns and sorting
  3. Save it
  4. Now you can import this saved search in Dashboard

Let me know if this would help in you use case


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thanks, Thats off limited value as you still have the full history, but as it stands I cannot even work out how to do the sort bit on the search. If you can help with that piece that would be helpful.


I have been advised that its possible to write something that will extract current information and save that in its own index. The current value would update each time the root index updates.

As yet not been supplied details of how that works. But will try and update this once I get that information

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