Filter Indices Syntax in ILM policy

Hi all,

I defined some policies to take snapshots in time intervals,
now I need to create a policy that takes a snapshot from all indices except selected indices in previous policies,
for example, this is my policy:

PUT /_slm/policy/slm_arvan_idx_daily
  "schedule": "0 15 1 * * ?", 
  "name": "<ss_general.indices_daily_{now/d}>", 
  "repository": "my_repo", 
  "config": { 
    "indices": ["coz", "heartbeat", "logstash", "messaging_logs", "metrix_event",
                "metricbeat", ".security-7", "vas_user_information"], 
    "ignore_unavailable": true,
    "include_global_state": false
  "retention": { 
    "expire_after": "30d", 
    "min_count": 5, 
    "max_count": 14 

Now I want to create a new policy that includes all indices except the above indices.

What is the syntax of except in indices line??

You can use syntax like -heartbeat to exclude indices.

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