Filter issue with Logstash


I recently added a filter to my logstash to change indexing for spesific indices(weekly, monthly etc.)

The filter is this:

filter {
        if [retention] == "weekly" {
        mutate { add_field => { "[@metadata][target_index]" => "%{program}-%{+xxxx.ww}" } }
      } else if [retention] == "monthly" {
        mutate { add_field => { "[@metadata][target_index]" => "%{program}-%{+YYYY.MM}" } }
      } else {
        mutate { add_field => { "[@metadata][target_index]" => "%{program}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}" } }

After updating logstash i noticed the logs i receive have every bit of information crammed in message field like this:


So I also added this right before the new filter:

filter {
if [message] =~ "\A\{.+\}\z" {
          json { source => "message"  }

after this the logs started appearing in desired format. Now I administrate more than 90 indices and every index except one is working just fine.
The problem with the spesific index is that it has a data field with always changing variables in it. And each time a log from a different source comes the filter creates that entire data field. On kibana i see avaliable fields like this:


Index now has thousands of these fields and doesnt receive new logs anymore.
The logger options are like this:

$syslog_message = json_encode(['@timestamp'=>date('c'),'source'=>gethostname(),'message'=>$message,'level'=>$level,'thread_id'=>'xxxxxxx-'.uniqid(),'thread_name'=>'logger','program'=>'xxxxxxx']);

$message = [
          "path" =>$req->getUri()->getPath(),
          "data" => $req->getParsedBody()

Is there a way to fix this? Either by changing the logstash filter or changing the logger?
Thanks in advance.

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