Filter kibana charts based on field values

I am using kibana 4.0 and elastic search 1.5
I want to exclude a certain set of documents from appearing in my chart if it has a particular field set.

eg. This is my set of document.

{"Name": "windows2008", "Domain":"xyz", "IsLatest": "Yes" }
{"Name": "windows2008 R2", "Domain":"xyz", "IsLatest": "Yes" }
{"Name": "windows2008 R2", "Domain":"abc", "IsLatest": "No" }
{"Name": "windows2003", "Domain":"pqr", "IsLatest": "No" }

I want to plot only the documents which has the field "IsLatest" set to Yes.

Is it possible to do in kibana 4.0?

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In discover mode, you can create a query that filters out the events that does not have "IsLatest" set to "Yes" and then save this. When you build your visualisation, you should be able to base it on this filtered query instead of the unfiltered one to get the result you are looking for.

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Can you please guide me with a sample query?

I am new to elasticsearch and kibana and am slowly understand the concepts.
I appreciate your help.


in discover tab you can do this querry-search : _IsLatest=Yes
Then you will see that this brings you all the docs that have IsLatest field equal to "Yes".

If you want to plot (count plot for example) these docs you can use the same search in visualize tab.

thank you.. :smiley: