Kibana Canvas - Ignore filters for fields that are not contained in the index

Hi Canvas Team,

I am at the moment experimenting with canvas and very happy with it so far. One thing that bothers me a bit however, is that currently in canvas all filters are always applied to all elements. It would be nice to have a setting to ignore filters for fields that are not present in the index of a visualization. This would prevent certain views from receiving an empty dataset when a filter for a visualization with another index is set. In kibana there is the "courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex" option, however this does not have any effect on canvas visualizations.

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@Catherine_Liu can you please take this question?


To opt out of the filters, you can remove filters | from the beginning of your element's expression. Currently, the Canvas filters work differently from the ones in used in Kibana, and we don't support courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex setting. However, we do plan to make improvements to our filter architecture to make it easier to opt in/out of filters.

Thank you for your response. This is a start already, however I would like to be able to still filter on other fields that are present in the visualization's index and not just remove all filtering whatsoever. :slight_smile: Looking forward to what comes next!

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