Kibana Vega visualizations don't honor courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex settings

I have a dashboard where I have multiple metrics visualizations from different indices including lenses and vega. If I apply a filter on the dashboard, I just wanted the visualizations which are having the field should only be filtered and others simply ignore it and I am able to do it using courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex settings.
Unfortunately, vega visualizations still getting filtered by a filter which is not applicable to it. The settings are not working for it.
Its clearly a bug. Could someone please help me what should I do to make it work.
Steps to reproduce are as follows:

  1. Create a dashboard with 2 visualizations from different indexes
  2. One dashboard can be anything like a lens with index 1
  3. second dashboard should be a vega visualization with index 2 . It should have %context%: true
  4. Apply a filter from index 1 . make sure the same field is not available in index 2

You will find the vega won't show any data since its trying to apply the filter on it.

ah - this sounds like a bug. cc @devon.thomson
Could you please log it here? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


I've opened this public facing issue.

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