Filter messages that contains some specific text

Hi all

we got a lot of logs that look like that:
"Health check took 00:00:00.0057867 and resulted with status: Healthy"
"Health check took 00:00:00.0035042 and resulted with status: Healthy"

Is there a way to tell kibana to filter out all messages that contain the string "Health check took"?
(I dont want to see them)

I can't really control the logs themselves or the way they are index


It depends on how they are indexed. If there is a "message" field indexed as text for example, you should be able to simply do message: "Health check took" in the KQL bar.

Thx. I edited my question.
I need to filter them out, i.e. remove them from the results

Check this out: Kibana Query Language | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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NOT "Health check took" solved my problem

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