Kibana search d

I am searching for specific text in my logs
text is $2a$10$Ltijvm9V
in KQL search I wrote

message.keyword : "$2a$10$Ltijvm9V2eA"

it returns nothing and says expand your time rang but before search I can see the text.

Second problem: lets say a have a field named as message and I want to search a specific word in it so I wrote
message.keyword : "UserCorrelationFilter"

again it returns nothing
but I know that the text is there and that message is exists what is wrong with my searchs


Would you mind sharing the full request you are sending?

I didnt understand, what is full request I just write this into search box

Thanks. A couple questions:

  • It looks like you have a filter 75 - could that be filtering out some of the data you are hoping to see?
  • With your UserCorrelationFilter example you should seeing results with message: UserCorrelationFilter. message.keyword is doing a search on a keyword type, not text.

I successfully search and get results.
My mistake was there was $ sign in my search it directly fails and other characters like |(pipe) also may broke your search.

my other mistake was misuseage of " and * signs
let say we have a message like "asd dfetretgdg sfe safefa"
and you want to search for messages that contains sfe word then you should write like message: "sfe". if you want to search for a message that contains specific text then you should write like message:*dfe*

so how can I search a specific text that contains $ sign or | or \ or/ ?

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