Search in kibana Discovery ignores some characters

Hi there
I've observed that in kibana 6.5.4 and also 6.6.0.
If I do a search for:


The = is ignored and also what follows, in this case =R.

This same behaviour is shown with other "special" characters.

Does anyone know how to overcome that?

Is message a text or a keyword field? What analyzer is it using?

What you're probably going to want to do instead is use the keyword version of the field:

message.keyword: "35=R"

Sorry for the late answer.
It does not work.
Also I cannot use wildcards like:


I'm using the default analyzer.

Have you tried querying Message.keyword instead of just Message? Message is, I'm assuming the analyzed field, so querying it for special characters won't work, because they are removed during analysis.

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