I can't find occurrences of the character "="


I have a problem that seemed simple, but I am not able to solve it.

In my log, field "message" I have a string:

8273832 ===> 8278213

How do I search for occurrences of the string "===" via Kibana search?

I've tried things like:


among others and none returned the result that is in the log.

I thank you for your help.

Hi @blenolopes,

I think the cause might be that "message" uses the standard analyzer which by default which
strips the = symbol. More about analyzers you can read here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/analysis-analyzers.html
Here's the post with similar problem to yours and a set of steps that could help you (in response):
How to Index special characters and Search those special characters in Elasticsearch

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