How to search Kibana for abc="def" in message string

I'm sure that this is a simple question, but I'm certainly a newbie. I can't seem to get the right syntax. I have syslog data in Elastic Search which looks like the following:

<190>date=2020-12-15 time=12:17:09 devname="Firewall-600E-Primary" devid="FG6H0E5819905243" eventtime=1608052630382658600 tz="-0500" logid="1059028704" type="utm" subtype="app-ctrl" eventtype="signature" level="information"

I would like to use Kibana to search for type="utm", but I can't figure out what I need to escape, how to handle the equal sign, etc. Some of attempts show messages like "Lucene syntax warning", "Error loading data - Expected :,<..." and other attempts show all usage of "type" (in this example).

I would certainly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.


What have you tried so far?
Something like "type=\"utm\""?

Mark, that worked! I wasn't quoting the entire search string - just the substring. Thanks so much!

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