Filter on bar chart not working

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I have an ES6.4 Cluster with Kibana.

I have created a Vertical Bar chart with a split series grouped by name so I get something like:

BAACBC  y = count of events
    x = timestamp

When I click on one of the columns I get "Apply these filters?" with 2 options. e.g. Filter by "name is A" or filter by selected time. I un-select the time (the time filter works) and leave the name filter, then "Apply Now". I get "No results found". The same happens if I add the filter manually either the name or name.keyword. What really confused me was if I invert the match then it does exclude that name and show all the others.

The raw data table below the chart is filtered correctly in all cases.

Why does the filter "name is A" exclude all the data? Have I used the wrong chart?

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Well trial and error finally paid off!

For those with the same issue. I found that changing the Split Series from "Significant Terms" to "Terms" meant that the chart then filtered as expected.

Still don't understand why a split chart using "significant terms" can't display any data when you add a positive filter but using "terms" is probably correct (and looks better too).

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