Filter order


i found this in documentation "More-specific filters should be placed before less-specific filters in order to exclude as many documents as possible, as early as possible." But in custom language analyzer example we have " "analyzer": {
"english": {
"tokenizer": "standard",
"filter": [
}", where the stemmer is placed before stopwords and keywords. what is the right way?

(Mark Walkom) #2

A filter is totally different from an analyser though.


what is the order of filters in this analyzer?


Am i right that keywords filtering should be done before stemming?

(Dan Tuffery) #5

This is referring to query filters that you send in a search request, not index token filters.

The english_keywords filter is used if you want to specify a list of keywords that shouldn't be stemmed (it is empty by default), so the order is correct.


What about english_possessive_stemmer? it will be done before keywords. Is it normal?


BTW what is main difference between indexing filters and query filters, in a nutshell?

(Dan Tuffery) #8

Yes, it will remove the possession ('s) from any nouns, it is very unlikely that keywords would include possessive nouns.


thx, and Should I set "term_vector":"yes" for the fields which use this analyzer?

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