Filter stays when moving to another dashboard

Hi, after updating from 7.17.5 to 8.9.2 Im having some issues with vega-lite links.

this is what worked before:

    "transform": [
        "calculate": "'../app/dashboards#/view/6a0b5de8-55a0-5c59-8427-6bf1f9a8238a?_a=(filters:!((query:(match_phrase:(hostname.keyword:ARAUCO-'+ datum.key +')))))'",
        "as": "url"
    "encoding": {"href": {"field": "url"}}

I was able to use ?_a= to go and filter another dashboard, but in the 8.9.2 the filter is applied to the current dashboard, and is never redirected to the other dashboard.

It work when I use ?_g= bur when I go back to the first dashboard the filter is stuck.

so using ?_g= when I click in a box


I go to another dashboard with the field hostname.keyword as a filter


then when I click in the markdown << volver (go back)


the filter stays, this didn't happen when i was using ?_a=

Any idea how to solve this?

I have tried adding an empty filter to the link in the markdown, but doesnt work.


Hi @ElasticLiver — interesting use case here.

Just to confirm: what is the exact URL that << Volver points to?

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Hi, I just solved the issue, it was pointing to the first dasboard, the one with the boxes.

I just add an empty filter

that's how it was before

[**<< Volver**](#/dashboard/51ead673-41e4-5756-941e-b9ae834525e7)

And now is removing the fileters adding ?_g=(filters:!())

[**<< Volver**](#/dashboard/51ead673-41e4-5756-941e-b9ae834525e7?_g=(filters:!()))

Still not shure why can use ?_a= in vega lite. :man_shrugging:

Glad you found a solution! I think this is really a question about differences in the way the dashboard application stores and accesses state in the URL between Kibana versions.

The association with Vega Lite seems coincidental to your use case.

I'm not sure on the specifics, but I'd say we consider the contents of that URL param to be implementation detail (meaning if we change something there, we don't necessarily count it as a breaking change that needs to be communicated or made backwards-compatible).

Since you upgraded so many versions (good on you!), I wouldn't be surprised if something in the Dashboard application changed to break your previous implementation.

cc @devon.thomson


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