Vega :- Link on text Mark which redirects to another dashboard with filter applied as per click value

I have created a table view in Vega and trying to put link on one of the column. The link should redirect to the new dashboard with the clicked value as filter.

I want the Kibana URL functionality to apply on Vega where we can set {{value}}.

I tried using long permalinks but that threw error to me and in short URL I can't put dynamic value.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone who can help me in this issue.

#elastic-stack:kibana #permalink #dashboard #discover #vega

Hi @Fiza,

Please try to specify your URL template starting with /dashboard.

I apology for replying late.
This will actually not help me to redirect to the dashboard with clicked value.
I want if i click on a particular value like A it should redirect me to the desired dashboard and apply the control filter as A.
We do this in lens (table) by doing set format in discover for that field.
In vega, using those long permalinks (which is used in discover set format) is throwing error. I tried to use short permalink and also tried your way. It's redirecting me to dashboard but control filter isn't working, as there is no place to specify to apply filter as per clicked value.

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