Switch to another dashboard/internal site using href on a mark in vega

I'd like to switch to another dashboard or to the home screen when clicking a mark in a vega visualization.
How am I supposed to define the href value?

Relative paths are not working for me..
"href": {"value": "/app/home"}
"href": {"value": "/app/r/s/gjVQU"}

When using the whole URL with same IP/hostname the href isn't working either..
"href": {"value": "https://192.168.xxx.xxx:5601/app/home"}
"href": {"value": "https://192.168.xxx.xxx:5601/app/r/s/gjVQU"}

There is just nothing happening when clicking the mark.

"href": {"value": "https://google.com"} is working, as well as any other external link.
Seems to be an issue within the domain.

Using "window.open("https://192.168.xxx.xxx:5601/app/home", "_self")"
or "window.open("/app/home", "_self")"
in the Developer Console (F12) works fine as well.

I wasn't able to find any solution concerning relativ paths.
What am I doing wrong?

Hey, I think you encounter this bug [Vega] Clicking on an internal url doesn't work · Issue #135788 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. We have provided a fix for 8.4 :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick answer! Unfortunately i was on vacation for two weeks now.. Is there a release for 8.4 yet?

Not yet but it will be released soonish!

Oh that was fast :smiley: Alright! I'll find a workaround until then.

Thank you for your help!

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