Vega-lite: Able to set href on text mark?

I'm using vega-lite in a self-hosted Kibana to create a basic visualization -- just a text mark that shows a number plus the title. The whole point of this is to make the text link to another dashboard. I'm having no success making the text mark link working, however.

According to the Vega-lite docs, it should be a matter of setting the href property on the text mark definition:

  config: {
    kibana: {
      renderer: svg
// later in the config json:
  layer: [
      mark: {
        type: text
        fontSize: 64
        fontWeight: bold
        fill: green
        href: /some/path

This seems to do something because the pointer changes into the hand as I hover over the text mark, but clicking does nothing. No console messages, nothing. I've tried different variations on this, using the encoding block, using absolute vs relative paths, but the link never happens. There is a click handler getting applied to the top-level svg when I inspect it. Adding the visualization to a dashboard has the same result, too.

All this leads me to wonder: Is it possible to set the href property in Kibana in a vega-lite viz? Does this work? Thanks in advance for any help.

Seems I posted too soon. I thought we had restarted our kibana instance after adding vega.enableExternalUrls: true to the kibana.yml, but I was mistaken. After verifying that change was made and the server restarted, the href property on a text mark works as expected.

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