Filter sub-aggregation syntax

Kibana 4.2 doesn't seem to allow '.' in filter sub-aggregations. I don't see anything about '.' being special here: Does that use a different syntax?

I'm trying to fuzzy-match version strings (eg 2.* vs 1.*). Maybe there's a better way? Thanks!

When you say "doesn't allow", what do you mean? Is there an error? Does the same filter work as expected in Discover? Could you post a screenshot of what you are trying to do?

In general, if you filter against non-analyzed strings syntax such as field_name:"blah.bhah" should work:

Thanks, Tanya. Could it be that field name 'version' is some how special? I have a similar field called 'httpversion' that works as expected.

Just to follow up on this, I really can't repro this. I don't think the field name is significant. Did you ever resolve this?

As a workaround, I renamed the field. Probably something quirky with my setup if no one else sees it. I should've captured the elasticsearch request kibana was making. Thanks for following up.