Filtering after MAX Aggregation

(Isaac Perez Moncho) #1


I'm using ES+Kibana as timeseries and I'm trying to get a filter applied to the table visualization after the MAX aggregation has been applied.
The problem is that all hosts will have a range of cpu metric values, so if you filter by cpu<5 all hosts will have some entries there.
So ideally I would need to get the max usage, then filter by <5. In case I want to get all hosts that had less than 5% max cpu usage.

Getting the MAX is easy enough in Kibana, what I can't seem to get working is a filter applied to that MAX value.
What would be the best way to get this filter for the MAX value?


(Tanya Bragin) #3

Could you post a screenshot from Visualize with your vis configuration expanded?

(Isaac Perez Moncho) #4

I'm afraid is going to be a bit difficult to expand the visualization completely and screenshot it, it has 43 filters. It would take me many screenshots.
I think I found what I need:

But I can't try yet because I can restart the cluster to apply the allowing scripts change at the moment.
Will post back if it worked (or if I need help with adding the custom json, which seems likely by my previous attempts)

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