Filtering bucket


I'm trying to do a pie chart using some filter. Basically I want a percentage of OK / KO depending on a particular value.

I have a first filter for the KO part:
errorOwner.keyword is "SERVICE X"

This one works great and so I use a second filter for the OK part:
errorOwner.keyword is not "SERVICE X"

The second filter work the same way as if they are no negation. So how can I do a negative filter on a bucket?

have you tried errorOwner.keyword: -"SERVICE X" ?

I just tried and it doesn't work too, filtering in bucket seems to not take negation pattern. It always return me the result of the same query without negation.

edit: in fact
errorOwner.keyword: -"SERVICE X"
give me a parsing error

sorry, -errorOwner.keyword: "SERVICE X" (i put minus in the wrong position)

It work thanks

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