Can I apply filtering in specific buckets and not in the whole visualization in Kibana?

I have some documents with the fields client.ip and http.response.status.code among other fields. I have also some documents with the fields client.ip and

What I want to is to create a visualization with all the client.ip which http.response.status.code is 503 and then associate them with the field. I have tried to achieve this using filters but filters apply to all buckets in kibana visualization so that doesn't work. Is there any other way to do this ?

Would a data table with top x hits of client.ip, split by and with a filter for
503" on a scripted field that says:
if (!doc.containsKey(' `http.response.status.code`') || doc[' `http.response.status.code`'].empty) { return "unavailable" } else { return doc[' `http.response.status.code`'].value }"

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