Filtering in lists in Bar chart

Hi all,

I'm trying to filter values in lists in Bar charts.

But I end up displaying all values of list in Bar Charts


Here I'm trying to filter with language - English

Below field with list:

  "language": "Hindi",
  "text": "मास्टर होम डिजाइन"
  "language": "English",
  "text": "Master Home Design"

Now I filter with only English, but still end showing both values of list.

Anyway I can only show English i.e one of the values of the list.

Any ideas?

The filter only works in the context of the document. so if a document has that value on the field, it will be included in the aggregation. The solution would be not to have a nested field, something like:
contentepisodes_ref.english_title: "..."
and then just do the aggregation on the specific language field or to split the initial documents into 2 documents, one with the hindi and another with the english title.

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