Filtering table entries

Subject might be a bit confusing so here is an example. Let's say that I have logs that looks like this: { "filed1":"name","count":number}. For a specific time period I have 5 logs with field1 value "A". One of them has count 1 and the others count 0 and 7 logs with field1 value "B", all of them with count 0. I need to create a table that will show the values of field1 that had only count 0 for the specific time period. What I used is a sum aggregation on count and listing the filed1 values in ascending order. The first entry will be "B" with value 0 (7 * 0) and the second entry will be A with value 1 (4 * 0 + 1). The solution works, I wonder if there is a way to get a table that lists only the entries with value 0. In this case it will have one entry, "B".

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