How to filte results match my conditions

hi, I create a visualize with data table, I create 3 rows: date, event_type, count.
just like this:
date event_type count
2017-03-03 aa 1
2017-03-03 bb 2
2017-03-03 cc 3
2017-03-03 dd 4

I have a lot event_types, but I just want to show the ones I want in the results, like the example I show ,I just want to show "aa" and "bb", but I don`t want to show "cc" and "dd" in the results of data table. how can I do that?

hi @semicoyoung

I'd start here:

You'll be able to add filters to the filter-bar, which will filter your results. You can either write the queries manually in the Query-bar (using the Lucene query-syntax), or add pinned Filters from the Discover page.

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