Find transactions flow


Is there anyway to find transaction flow like this

i have log file contain 50 million transactions like this

16:30:53:002 moduleA:[C1]L[143]F[10]ID[123456]
16:30:54:002 moduleA:[C2]L[143]F[20]ID[123456]
16:30:55:002 moduleB:[C5]L[143]F[02]ID[123456]
16:30:56:002 moduleC:[C12]L[143]F[30]ID[123456]
16:30:57:002 moduleD:[C5]L[143]F[7]ID[123456]
16:30:58:002 moduleE:[C1]L[143]F[10]ID[123456]
16:30:59:002 moduleF:[C1]L[143]F[11]ID[123456]
16:30:60:002 moduleZ:[C1]L[143]F[11]ID[123456]

need to find module flow for each transaction and find rare flow.


1- there is no specific “key value” exist on all lines belong that transaction.

2-only key value that exist on all line is ID[123456].

3-ID might be duplicated and might belong several transactions.

4-module name not have specific name and there are lots of module names.

5-ID not fixed position (end of each line)

any idea?


@Green5 i knows but need example.

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