Find values of a field that appear after certain timestamp

I am exploring a query method in Kibana to filter the values of field in the index document that only appear after certain date and time, like yesterday. Sorry I am not familiar with the query syntax but curious why no one had the same challenge before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @visioncloud. You can add a filter for a field that exists. And you can couple that with the values in the Date Picker. Here is an example.

But maybe I am misunderstanding your question. If so, can you give me an example of documents you have and how you want to visualize them?

Thanks for the reply but I am looking for different filtering. Say I have these documents in my index
{"device_id": "aaaa", "event": "activated", "timestamp": "2019-08-24 15:15"}
{"device_id": "bbbb", "event": "activated", "timestamp": "2019-06-20 15:15"}
{"device_id": "aaaa", "event": "offline", "timestamp": "2019-11-24 15:15"}
{"device_id": "cccc", "event": "activated", "timestamp": "2019-11-25 15:15"}
{"device_id": "bbbb", "event": "offline", "timestamp": "2019-11-20 15:15"}

I want to find out the documents whose earliest timestamp is after a date, e.g., 2019-09-01, in this case I will get only device_id "cccc". In short I am only looking for documents whose first timestamp is after a cutoff date.

Since I need to use filter in visualizations and I would like to how to use query in Kibana discover or filter query.


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