Time based search in Kibana discover or visualize

I have a time stamp field ( name is timestamp ) in my list of fields in Kibana index. I need to set a filter as below:
Display all the transactions between 2015-11-23 10:11:23 and 2015-11-23 10:50:33

Please suggest what filter do I need to set in Kibana while designing my Search in discover tab

Chinmoy das

Are you setting the time field in the index settings as the one in the in the doc you want to filter on?

My use case is as below:
I am logging payment transaction data with the details as transaction id, amount, bank, status, timestamp. I have not specified and special setting for the timestamp field while creating the index. I need to filter the records based on a timestamp range. I could find some example where filtering is done by date, but could not trace anything for timestamp. Please suggest how this is possible to filter using timestamp using Kibana.

When you create the index pattern in KB, make sure you set the timestamp field to be the one in the document.
Then it'll be simple.

The timestamp field is in the index. Can you please share the syntax of the query filter that I need to add in Kibana Discover? I am trying like timestamp: {2015-11-04 11:12:13 TO 2015-11-04 11:20:20}. But that is not working

Any pointer to the search syntax will be helpful.

just use timestamp: ["2015-11-04T11:12:13" TO "2015-11-04T11:20:20"] .

But as @warkolm said, you should be specifying your index (in kibana settings) as a timestamped index.

Then you'll have a histogram at the top of the discover page and you can simply scrub the graph to filter on a timerange.

And there will also be a "time selector" in the toolbar.


Thanks a lot Pieter