First production schema issues - ES beginner


I am trying to create an elasticsearch index in order to achieve my goals.
The main problem of the task is it's complexity, and after 3 days of tries,
retries etc, i am turning to this group for suggestions:

I want to create a statistics page that would allow me to do following

As a forum owner, i would like to search and filter (only) my users, based
on their activity or their status regarding the forum application, and of
course i should be able to see some data aggregation (activity within 30
days, 7 days ) etc.

My database structure looks like :

I have tried to create the index the user model, but for some reason, it
get's fuzzy when it comes to filter the results, as i would always need to
filter based on a forum id, and if needed to orfder by the nested status in
the user_forums association.

I have thought to create it on user_forum model, but i would end up, with
having multiple duplicates for user record.

Any ideea on how could i structure that, given the fact that all the infos
might become a facet?

Thanks in advance

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