First thoughts on ES|QL

Dear all,

We are currently trying out the new ES|QL query language and as far as I have used it it is a great improvement! The flexibility and the relatively easy grammar will surely make this my preferred language in the stack.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, so here are a few things I would like to change:

  1. Timeouts
    I tried ES|QL in Discover and the query always timed out after 30 seconds - independent of the Search Timeout setting in the advanced settings. ES|QL should either adhere to the search timeout settings or get a separate configurable timeout.
  2. Link to the ES|QL reference
    The link to the ES|QL reference on the right side of the query window of discover is not as intuitive as I would like (but maybe this is personal preference?).
    Compact version:

    Expanded Version:

    Personally, I would prefer a place where it is nearer to the query code:
  3. False Syntax errors
    While elasticsearch does not seem to care about case sensitivity, Kibana does not like some uppercase keywords. For example: | STATS cnt = count(_id) BY causes Kibana to show the error:

mismatched input 'BY' expecting {, PIPE, 'by', 'and', COMMA, 'or', '+', '-', '*', '/', '%'}

  1. Show Chart
    The option to create a chart directly in Discover using ES|QL is great but it is too hidden:

    Similar to the ES|QL reference, I would like a direkt and easily accessible way to show/hide the chart:

Best regards


Hi @Wolfram_Haussig,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. We greatly appreciate it. I'll circulate this internally with the team.

Thanks again!