First time elasticizing, need some guidance. (Making a searchable PDF repository)

I am using C# to populate an Elastic node with searchable PDF data. I'm using Elastic.Net to do so. Any guidance on how to do this, or where to start with a tutorial, would be greatly appreciated.

I have the PDF content as a byte array, but I'm not sure what endpoint to call (is it IngestPutPipeline?) to push this data into our Elastic endpoint, so we end up with searchable PDF content.

Not sure how it translates to .Net but in JSon, you need to generate a BASE64 content from the binary and use the ingest attachment plugin.

I have done so:

                    return_data = memstream.ToArray();

return_data is a byte array. i'm trying to use the ingest attachment plugin, but i'm not sure what method to use. I've tried something like this:

MyResponse myr = client.IngestPutPipeline(ccd.DocumentID.ToString(), return_data);

but that was just grasping at straws.

I can't help on .Net part sadly but I'm sure some people would be able to.
I can tell how it works using curl though :wink:

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