PDF- ingest attachement plugin

(Ahmed HADDAD) #1

HELLO, I found that i need to use " ingest attachement plugin" to load a pdf to elasticsearch.

i found in documentation these code :

PUT _ingest/pipeline/attachment
  "description" : "Extract attachment information",
  "processors" : [
  "attachment" : {
    "field" : "data"
PUT my_index/my_type/my_id?pipeline=attachment
  "data": "e1xydGYxXGFuc2kNCkxvcmVtIGlwc3VtIGRvbG9yIHNpdCBhbWV0DQpccGFyIH0="

but where can i put the path to my pdf file to be charged ? in data ?

(Ahmed HADDAD) #2

I need to convert the PDF file to base 64 and then copy and paste the converstion in data field

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