Fiter and display field value from two indexes

I want to filter the field value from two indexes and visualise in kibana

say I have field problem which is specified multiple times in a file with some number(this will change)
example- problem: 16 similarly in other index with some other (like problem:10)

Now I need to see it in kibana dashboard with problem:<value(16/10> instead of number of times the word problem is repeated

Thanks for reaching out, @cnu. How is your data being stored? Are you using an index pattern? How are you aggregating the data in the visualization?

One approach could be to create an index pattern such as problem-*. From there, you can configure aggregation in your dashboard by selecting the index pattern you've made. Then, choose an X-axis or Split Series aggregation, and select a Terms aggregation, and set it to use the problem field. For the Y-axis aggregation, configure it to "Max" or another metric such as "Average" or "Min," and choose the problem field. From there, you can adjust the visualization to your preferences.

Thanks for the reply. I am new here, uploaded 2 log files and and created index patterns from them. could you help me with more info to proceed.

Thanks, @cnu. Creating an index pattern is the first step for combining two indexes.

Do you have a screenshot of what you are seeing? What are you expecting to see here verses what you are seeing? Are you getting any errors when you try to aggregation to your dashboard?

Here are some resources that may be helpful here:

I am able to combine indexes and was able to visualise a vertical graph . I can see the top values from index on horizontal axis, in the vertical I need to display the field value which is 16(from problems: 16) here I am able to see the count of problems instead of the field value 16.

Thanks for following up. How is your X-axis configured? Have you tried using a terms aggregation here?

You can use metric aggregation for the Y-axis. If you want to visualize a specific metric (like average, sum, max, or min) of the problems field, choose the appropriate aggregation type under the Y-axis section. For example, if problems store numeric values and you want to show the sum or average, select "Sum" or "Average" and specify the problems field.

yes, using metric aggragation tried to setup since the problems field varies sum,average,count is not working as expected I need to display the value displayed for problems instead of the number of times the problems word used/repeated in file/index.

Thanks, @cnu. Do you have a screenshot of your dashboard configureation you can share?