Use multiple indexes for calculation

(Peerawuth Srikunupakarn) #1

Hello, I'm a new one.
I have two indices from csv files, one index contains all information of the other index that contains live data.

for example :
index 1
ID flied 1
1 40
2 80
.. ..
1000 200

index 2
ID flied 1 flied 2
50 1/1/2018 10
42 1/1/2018 15
110 1/2/2018 78
.. .. ..

So I want to create a visualization that have y-axis as flied2/sum(flied1 of index1)
and x-axis as date(flied1 of index2) on kibana.

I use ELK version 6.2.4

Thanks for any help in advance.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

if the field names are unique between the 2 indices (for example you don't have a field1 in index1 and a field1 in index2) you could create an index pattern that covers both indices.

(Peerawuth Srikunupakarn) #3

I created an index pattern that conver both indices (by ID). In index pattern management show all fields from both indices but it show fields from only index2 in discover (Time filter field in index2).

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