How to use multiple indexes on 5.4


My goal is to use multiple terms from two different indexes inside one graph.
I was reading older posts from v4 and the best way to do this, was to rename the two indexes so they were similar and then use the wildcard (*). I tried to do this, by going into visualize and searching for the indexes:

Visualize/New/Choose search source

and I typed in "index152-*" to the search since I wanted to use terms from index125-jobs and index125-ft.

However the search returns with : "No matches found."

Is this still possible and if so, how?
Thank you in advance!



Is "index152* for the search (is that the index pattern you use for the graph) while the indices are named "index125" a typo which is causing your issue? Can you see data in Discover for both indices using the index pattern?

You can use wildcard for index pattern in kibana as you mentioned ( Another solution is to define an alias and use that alias name for the index pattern in kibana:

If you run a query on the two individual indices and they both return result, then querying both indices at the same time will query and return documents from both indices


Hey Julian!

Thank you for the speedy response! Can I create the alias right in Kibana under Console?

I tried creating an alias under Console, however when I went back to Visualize, the alias did not come up. Thoughts?


Kibana uses index patterns defined under management section. You just need to create an index pattern for your alias and use it in your visualizations

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