Querying Multiple Index in Kibana

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I want to combine 2 indexes with unique names and query it in Kibana. Here is my scenario.

Index1: abc_applogs_index
Index2 : xyz_applogs_index

Both the index captures totally different sets of records,.

I am using ElasticSearch 2.3.3 version.

Can someone help in creating a query by combining 2 index.


(Stacey Gammon) #2

You can create an index pattern in kibana that is simply "*" and it will query all of your indexes. If you want to be more fine grained control then that, they have to share a prefix, which your example does not.

Note I tested that on kibana v5.0, not prior versions.

Are you asking about an index pattern for kibana specifically, or to query the elasticsearch api directly?

(Aravindhan Padmanabhan) #3

I have tried Index with same pattern. But since the data pattern (key value types) are different, Elastic search is not able to split the records properly.

And yes I am asking for Index patter for Kibana.

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