How to create index pattern(data view) for all indices

Hi all,

I'm using Kibana 8.6.2. I had added indices some time back and don't want to delete or modify them.

I have about 70 indices with different names:


  1. locations
  2. roles
  3. tasks
  4. stats
  5. tickets
  6. stats

These were created some time back by my friend without a common prefix phrase.

Now is there any way to combine these indices into 1 index pattern and retrieve common field data ?

I tried combining indices with * index pattern, but it was not possible.

Any ideas?

Since you cannot use a single * as the index pattern, you will need to create multiple index patterns that match all your index.

Probably having every letter followed by a * will solve your issue.

Something like this:


Pretty ugly, but it is a work around for this limitation.

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Thanks @leandrojmp

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